Simple Tips For Fat Loss



Simple tips for fat loss

When looking to lose body fat, or weight. It can be very easy to over complicate things, should you calorie count? Should you not eat carbs after 2pm? And a whole host of other questions pop up when you look at what to do.

Okay so, for some people it is complicated, but these people have spent years in gyms and are at a level in their training that is quite advanced. For most people, simplicity is key for starting, and sticking too a fat loss plan.

Here are our top 5 tips for simple, easy fat loss.


1. Get active

It doesn’t matter what you do, gym sessions, walking, running, cycling or horse riding. Whatever you enjoy doing that burns calories is perfect. If you are burning more calories than you used to be then you are getting fitter, and more active. So, whatever it is you are doing. Get active!

2.  Eat well

No need for complicated diets, or fads. Just eat well

Stick to the fruit and veg, meats and yogurt/cheese isle’s, the fresh food basically.

When looking at what to eat remember this simple rule:

“if you can’t kill it, grow it or pick it then don’t eat it”.

3. Seek knowledge

Knowledge is power, and the correct knowledge is exactly what you want to be learning. Stay away from social media and look at personal trainers and personal training companies. Websites over videos and ALWAYS check who you are reading from.

But learn, and develop your knowledge be it with a trainer or on your own back.

4. Always try and improve

So, starting to exercise is great, but your body will adapt to it. Set yourself goals that you can use to improve yourself.

Run further, run the same route faster, climb more hills when walking, swim more lengths. All ways you can track your progress and develop yourself!

5. Get someone to push you

Yes, sometimes people do need lots of help with fat loss, and a push in the right direction is never a bad thing.

Look at it this way:

A typical night out would cost:

Shoes: £30.

Dress: £50.

Night out: £60.

That would pay the way for some PT sessions, giving you ideas on how to develop, what style of training you like, how to get fit and helping you out with the general process which can be initially tough.

Use this philosophy and consider PT as an investment in yourself, your health is something that you just cannot put a price on and PT is a great way to work on that.


So, there you go, five tips for fat loss to keep it simple and get started on your journey.

I hope this helps you out in your journey to change your physique.


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Jenna McCormick