Go Lean Programme

On a mission to get lean? It’s about so much more than weight loss. Changing your body in a way that’s good, healthy and sustainable is going to rely as much on your mind as what you eat and how you exercise. That’s why our GO LEAN PROTEIN PROGRAMME is about much more than protein. 

Sure, you’ll get For Fit’s Sake’s PROTEIN LIGHT+ and a combination of capsules to help you reach your goal and stay fighting fit, but you’ll get moral support too. If you join our exclusive community of Go Leaners – you can share the same journey with others going the same way. And if we do it together, we’re there for each other – with tips, encouragement, our own stories of winning or losing, the good days and bad. 

The GO LEAN PROGRAMME includes: 

Our PROTEIN LIGHT+ is designed to help you achieve a lean and defined physique. It delivers an advanced blend of proteins without excess calories and is enhanced with essential CLA, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and antioxidants. PROTEIN LIGHT+ is easy and versatile to use, tastes great, and is virtually fat and carb free.

Raspberry ketones capsules
Raspberry ketones could help improve body composition by aiding the reduction in fat tissue. They are stimulant-free and so won’t cause any unwanted side effects.

CLA capsules
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a potent antioxidant and, together with a sensible diet and moderate exercise, may help reduce body fat, help maintain weight-loss and retain lean muscle mass.

Hoodia capsules
Hoodia is a plant extract that has been used for centuries by the indigenous populations of South Africa. It helps to increase energy levels and provide a feeling of satiety.

The Go Lean planner and guide
Our 55 page downloadable book will help you make the right choices. With a nutritional guide and handy 14 day menu planner, you’ll stand more chance of succeeding in getting and staying lean and healthy. 

Team Go Lean
Why go it alone? Our Go Leaners are online, sharing progress, set-backs, experiences and top-tips. And that really matters when you’re working hard to get and stay lean! You can join in, online, using @Forfitssakeltd #GOLEANFFS. Inspire and be inspired! And For Fit’s Sake will share too – new recipes, regimes, pics and encouragement! 

Let’s recap – how FFS GO LEAN PROTEIN PROGRAMME helps: 
•    PROTEIN LIGHT+ helps achieve a lean look
•    It’s enhanced with a blend of brilliant antioxidants
•    Raspberry ketones can assist in weight loss
•    CLA can help reduce body fat
•    Hoodia can keep you fuller and energised for longer
•    A booklet of info and recipes from our nutritionist
•    Our online community – helping you to achieve and celebrate your lean goal! 

FFS Go Lean Programme
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