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Here at For Fit's Sake we want to provide our community with only the best the industry has to offer — people that support our ethos, who will help to support your fitness goals and journeys whatever they are and help keep you there. 



Primal Fitlab's ethos is to create results that not only change how people look, but feel. They're all about improving health. With improved health, comes an improved physique, better mental health and increased happiness. 

We've teamed up with Primal Fitlab to bring you exclusive discounts : 

FFS5 : 5% off personal training.

FFS10 : 10% off online produce



Kirsten Davies is a nutritionist and body confidence coach. She's also the person who is going to help you fall in love with your body again. Helping you to understand the link between the thoughts you think and the food you eat.

"Feed your mind, Nourish your body, Fuel your soul"

Our GoLean Programme nutritional plan was written in collaboration with Kirsten.



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Two Fit Birds Kristin and Suzanne are nutrition coaches and personal trainers aiming to help women achieve their ultimate health & fitness goals through balanced & sustainable lifestyle changes. Their passion? To empower women to become the best versions of themselves in both body & mind.

Two Fit Birds are working in collaboration with FFS to create healthy tasty sweet treat recipes using FFS