What does 'fit' mean to you?


Is there actually a clear definition of “fit” or does it just come down to how you personally feel?

or when we finally meet the criteria that media and society along with brands have labelled an ideal?

Is it what we can physically see in the mirror or is it how out of breath we feel after a 2 mile sprint or how many reps we can get in the gym? 

We want to be our fittest selves, we want to be healthy, we want to feel good about our appearance but we don't want to and will not conform to society's definition of FIT.

In our opinion …. fit means something very different to everyone, or at least it should.


In biological terms, being fit means
“being able to provide for one's own life and wellbeing"

We think a lot of us wether we would like to admit it or not strive to be a part of the ideal that some brands or society in general have labelled 'fit' , sometimes subconsciously striving to be a part of that world… a ‘winner’ , ‘beach body ready’ etc now don’t get us wrong who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds and feel like they could if they wanted run a marathon ? being fit and healthy is good but why should we feel so under pressure to FIT in?

If you can run for 2 seconds more than yesterday, you're a winner!

If you can achieve 1 more rep your a winner if you can’t well your still a winner because you're trying!

Here at FFS We want to help you achieve your fitness goals no matter what they may be , being fit should be a fun, sustainable and enjoyable part of your life never should it consume it or make you uncomfortable or miserable trying to achieve the 'ideal' …. you make your own goals , your own ideals because you are you !

Your not the skinny blonde or brunette on the 10 foot billboard lay air brushed in her bikini or the muscle machine stood in his pants telling you to be a winner you must wake at 5am and have run at least 10 miles by 5.30am . If your fitness aim is consciously defined by yourself, you’ll be genuinely motivated to achieve it and stay on the right track. Here at For Fit’s Sake we understand that ‘FIT’ comes in all shapes and sizes and we want to help YOU achieve YOUR goals.

Just remember that in-between goals there is a thing called life that needs to be lived and enjoyed !

Tell us what FIT means to you . Share your goals and everything you do For Fit’s Sake  

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Jenna McCormick