Shake up your shakes

Go Green FFS

Here at for fits sake We LOVE our shakes. We know they are Deliciously Different, but how can you make our shakes taste even better?

Ice ice baby...

We almost always throw our shakes in the blender with some ice and whiz it up , why? Let's face it warm shakes are just not cool! 

Let's get fruity...

Throw in a handful of mixed berries (or whatever you fancy) for that extra flavour hit and some serious health benefits. Try freezing your fresh fruit to make your shake even cooler and more refreshing. 

Be dairy-ing....

Swap good old h20 and get more calcium and a creamier texture by adding fat-free yoghurt or milk of your choice. Our personal favourite is cashew or coconut milk .

Go nuts...

Add a little extra protein and flavour with a tablespoon of nut butter such as almond or Our personal favourite... peanut butter. we are self confessed peanut butter addicts and thanks to the wide variety of flavours now available on the market a spoonful (or maybe two :) ) can really shake that shake up ! 

PrOATally awesome... 

Shake up your wake up ! Add oats to your shake and throw in your bag for a tasty nutritious breakfast on the go! Oats can help you feel fuller for longer, perfect if you have a busy day ahead! Our fav combo is FFS vanilla or chocolate whey isolate, banana, honey, oats , a spoonful of peanut butter and some almond milk . 

Ready to shake things up?

Check out our staple favourites plus loads of other goodies in our recipe book

We'd love hear how you guys shake up your shakes!

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Jenna McCormick