For Fit's Sake does protein differently. 

Not just because it doesn’t taste like the contents of a vacuum bag mixed with rain water. Or because it’s made from good, simple ingredients you don’t need a PhD to understand. Or even because we know protein doesn’t have to involve cows (or, yawwwwn, endless chicken). 

We’re different because we know fitness involves more than protein.

So you won’t just find great protein and supplements here, you’ll find information, recipes, community and support to help you get, stay, and enjoy being fit. 


"I love being fit and healthy – protein has always been part of that. I believe in what it can do and I know it’s given me the body and the health I have today. But I’ve never been happy with what’s available to buy, how it tastes, how it’s sold, or how ‘not me’ that whole world seems! So I made my own products with the aim of keeping them simple, delicious and varied, so that lots of the people who haven’t found protein that works for them, can find it right here. And I did this to start a community too, so we can be in this together – encouraging each other, passing on tips, ideas and inspirations – so follow us and we’ll share all the things we do, for fit's sake".